NY Space Finders provides both buyers and renters with distinct services including access to information, access to educational resources, personalized support, customer service and a wide vendor network.

Working with NY Space Finders gives our clients access to our enormous exclusive databases, which feature property listings for spaces all over Manhattan, Queens, Westchester, Eastern Long Island, and the remaining boroughs. Our team also networks with developers, real estate influencers and other key players, allowing our agents to stay abreast of new opportunities for all of our clients in various business sectors. NY Space Finders also works closely with many companies including Sussex Bank, Acquista & Associates, Marco & Sitaras Law, Pretee Construction, Bridge View Properties and the Gerald Caliendo Architectural Firm, for various real estate transactions.

Our agents recognize and value the important role property investments play in both businesses and investment portfolios. As a result our team provides clients with detailed overviews for interested areas ensuring thoroughly informed decision-making. By sharing detailed information on latest market trends, neighborhood demographics, extensive property valuations and comparable property reports, NY Space Finders goes above and beyond to certify that our clients understand all the relevant purchase requirements for interested properties.

Even with informative reports and analysis, sometimes it is best to get an insider’s point of view on the hottest spots to shop and dine in a prospective area. Through organized neighborhood tours we show our clients notable new local restaurants, bars, businesses and shops, highlighting the cultural elements of potential property investments.

We also excel in client support as our team assists all clients throughout every step of the process, from the initial phase of sourcing and reviewing the property to final negotiations and closing deals. Our agents provide advice, solutions and options to ensure satisfaction for both buyers and renters. Additionally our large network of qualified experts enables us to recommend exceptional attorneys, contractors, designers, mortgage consultants and movers for our clients, guaranteeing prompt and efficient transactions.