In a world that is constantly changing and becoming more global, the NY Space Finders team understands the importance of collaboration and flexibility when marketing all types of property to sellers, buyers and renters. NY Space Finders works hand in hand with expert professionals across industries including marketing, advertising, and design firms. These experts ideate fresh and exciting concepts that, when paired with our seasoned real estate agents, allow our team to successfully meet our client’s goals. Moreover our collaborative approach differentiates our team and agents from all other competitors, as we are able to adapt, adopt and evolve marketing efforts quickly to increase exposure for our clients in various brokerage communities.

N__Y Space Finders__ also offers distinct services for developers in conjunction to guided marketing efforts. We provide clients with feasibility studies as well as site – specific analysis to ensure a thorough review for potential property interests. We adeptly create and distribute investment memoranda, orchestrate fund raising opportunities and in certain cases contribute corporate capital for projects. We work closely with our client’s design teams to also help develop and finalize floor plans, finishing packages, and construction amenities to effectively impact marketing initiatives for the property. Our team can also work with you remotely or onsite to manage all your needs whether they are related to sales or general administrative duties.

Throughout the process, NY Space Finders’ talented agents work directly with all client employed professionals to coordinate and complete sales activities, negotiations, financing and legal requirements to keep projects on track. Our team can also recommend wonderful resources to assist with any obstacles you may be facing. A partnership with NY Space Finders will also help you mange and complete your project from the time the investment is considered all the way through to the end. Our dedicated staff and knowledgeable agents are here to guide, support and address all your needs.