NY Space Finders Agents combine non-traditional offline and online marketing tactics that garner high price sales for properties in short periods of time.

Our agents use comparable real estate data to accurately price property, guaranteeing competitive pricing for our clients. While evaluating the property our team simultaneously engages in tactics such as staging, photographing and disseminating the listing to potential buyers through targeted outreach to the expansive NY Space Finders network. Additionally our team conducts outreach to various industry trade publications, mainstream media outlets, real estate portals, listing systems, broker networks and direct mailing specialists to ensure maximum exposure for the property.

Working with professionals in interior design, our agents quickly stage and rearrange household furnishings, to maximize property marketability. Once the staging is complete our agents employ prestigious photographers who are able to beautifully capture riveting angles that showcase each property’s strongest aesthetic features including views, amenities, architectural elements and building infrastructures. The photos are then digitally enhanced, sized, and edited to appear across various social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, several other notable Real Estate digital platforms, Blogs, and of course the NY Space Finders homepage.

Our agents also think outside the box, coming up with non-traditional initiatives to market and ensure listings are placed in front of thousands of potential buyers. These initiatives have included and are not limited to the creation of brochures, advertising collateral, videos, experiential events, and search engine optimization for clients.

Through these effective marketing efforts, NY Space Finders will then identify and share all qualified buyers with clients for review. Our agents are always available to discuss offers and will aggressively negotiate to ensure our client’s interests are first and foremost. Our team reviews buyer financials and provides assistance to clients throughout every step of the transaction, in all facets of the deal, whether queries relate to legal elements or board packages.