Why work with NY Space Finders?

Working with NY Space Finders will give you access to extremely professional and knowledgeable brokers with extensive expertise in marketing.  Our brokers use several techniques to ensure real estate property is quickly sold at the best value possible for our clients. Through financial management, marketing and wonderful personal service our brokers are more than capable of serving your interests.



Financial Responsibility:
  • Quick and efficient work to get exposure for listings and clients
  • Close monitoring of deals and negotiations with our client’s best financial and personal interests at the forefront
  • Acting as financial guardians, preventing mistakes and obstacles from getting in the way of completed transactions
Marketing Efforts:
  • Scouting and completing various advertising and marketing opportunities
  • Maximizing visibility for properties through the use of various listing systems, and Public Relations efforts
  • Engaging in cross platform marketing strategies including printed brochures, digital campaigns, mass mailing initiatives and other experiential event ideas
  • Providing clients with professional digitized photos, floor plans, reconstruction comps, and virtual tours
  • Developing and building unique websites to showcase properties and unique real estate opportunities
  • Collaborating with well known interior decorators and designers to aesthetically capitalize the presentation of the property
Personal Services:
  • Coordinating and scheduling open house tours for buyers, renters and brokers, of course working with what works best for clients
  • Offering flexible appointments throughout the week to conveniently show clients properties
  • Garnering excitement and offers for listings by placing sellable properties in front of many potential purchasers
  • Sharing status reports outlining offers and general progress throughout the project
  • Conducting prequalification research to ensure all prospective buyers are qualified for purchase
  • Negotiating passionately to get clients the best price possible for all properties
  • Working with clients to provide feedback on rental and sales opportunities for properties
  • Preparing apartment specific procedures including board package presentations, preparing prospective individuals for co-op and condominium board interviews, and coordinating building inspections
  • Referring clients to highly trained appraisers, attorneys, lenders and transaction facilitators to ensure the successful completion of all deals