NY Space Finders employs business brokers who facilitate the sale and purchase of businesses. Our brokers have contacts and experience working with various different industries that can benefit clients looking to enter a new business, leave an existing industry or participate in franchise opportunities. Our brokers work closely with privately held business owners who are at times interested in selling their entities giving our clients access to exciting new ventures.

Our team provides valuations for businesses, marketing services including advertising and personalized guidance to ensure client satisfaction throughout the selling and purchasing process. Our staff is also conscious and sensitive to confidential requests for clients who wish to prevent disclosure for new business sales and purchases. With such an expansive network we also filter all potential buyers to ensure that they are qualified for purchase, negotiate the terms of sale and inform our clients of all opportunities, keeping their best interests at heart at all times.

By closely researching each business opportunity, our team is able to develop a deep understanding and meet client goals. For business owners looking to sell we learn how the business operates, what employees need and all the other relevant key attributes that a future potential buyer must possess. Using this research our team develops organized and informative marketing tools to bring quality buyers to the table. In many instances we are also able to secure unique real estate opportunities for business owners looking for franchise opportunities.

Our team also has the capability to put together deals with foreign parties for international business ventures. We have a proven track record, with successful deals conducted in various key emerging markets including Europe, Japan and several other countries.

We have brokered various deals over the years and continue to help more and more business ventures. Some of our most notable prior business brokerage clients include: Veslo | La Bottega | Canzaciti Road House | Lost Sock | Static lounge | Baregurger | Ale-Wife Bar | Nervana 346 Lexington Avenue Bonnie | Olivers | K&T Meats

For more information or to book and appointment to discuss a project please contact us at info@nyspacefinders.com