30-47 49th Street#BUILDING

Woodside, Queens, NY 11103
For Sale
/ 5,250 Sq. Ft.

Listing Description

Multifamily Property for sale in Astoria, conveniently located near the R train in a quiet neighborhood, only a few blocks away from all the convenience stores on Northern Boulevard. Interstate 278 a two minute drive away facilitating access throughout the tristate area.
Tax class 2A Current tax bill $14,944
Lot sqft 3,000
Lot dimensions 30 ft x 100 ft Ground elevation 51 ft
Zoning districts R5
Zoning map 9d
Building class Six Families (C2)
Building sqft 5,250
Building dimensions 30 ft x 70 ft Stories 3
Roof height 31 ft
Year built 1928
Style Walkup apartment
Structure class Stone
Construction type C grade Residential units 6
Residential sqft 5,250
Average residential unit size 875 Residential FAR 1.25
Facility FAR 2
FAR as built 1.75
Allowed usable floor area 3,750
Usable floor area as built 5,250

Total Annual Income: $108,432
Total Annual Expenses: $34,292
Current NOI: $74,140

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